Best Cheapest Soundbars in India of 2022

When you’re looking for the most low-cost soundbars, the goal is to locate one that will produce premium sound without draining your pockets out. They are able to play similar functions as most effective soundbars and put the audio from the built-in speakers of your TV to shame, by providing a more lively and enjoyable listening experience. Everything from TV shows to movie shows and sporting events to concerts, Instagram clips to iPhone videos can benefit from a boost in sound and you’ll benefit from these advantages at a lower cost than you think.

The soundbar market on TV offers a wide range of excellent alternatives available for only half and, sometimes, even a third of what premium models cost. We’ve created an extensive list of the top soundbars that we’ve tested for under Rs. 12,000 and then ranked them based on the quality of their audio as well as specifications. Find out more about the top cheap soundbars available.

The best cheapest soundbars in India at a reasonable price

1. Stage V2: Creative Stage V2

The Creative Stage V2 soundbar is an incredible value for the money. Alongside a sleek soundbar, it also has plenty of connectivity options, such as HDMI ARC, the tiny cost also includes an auxiliary subwoofer that can create a powerful bass.

The audio quality is quite good all-around, and it can be adjusted to fit the show you’re watching. You can, for instance, decide to enhance the bass or treble at any moment There are also “Dialog” as well as “Surround” to play with too. This latter option doesn’t offer digital surround sound as such however it does expand the soundstage, making it more enjoyable for action scenes.

2. TCL Altero 6 Plus

It’s Alto 6 Plus is even less expensive than the Stage V2, and it also comes with its own subwoofer, but it’s wireless. It’s powerful too it is more than capable of filling in film action or music playback with deep and rumbling bass.

The downside is that the lower-end does not have the same control as on more expensive sub- and soundbar combos and the options to adjust the sound’s sound profile are restricted. We were nevertheless impressed by how strong this Alto 6 Plus sounded in our tests, and its simple design implies that those who are new to the home theater might appreciate how easy it is to set up.

3. Vizio V-Series 2.1 Soundbar V21-H8

Vizio offers a range of subwoofer and soundbar bundles that you can choose from Our current choice one is called the V-Series 2.1 Home Theater Soundbar V21H8. The speaker has an unpretentious simple design that blends perfectly into any home theater set-up. There are a variety of inputs that can be used for connecting other devices for media, such as gaming consoles, televisions, as well as any Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri smart speaker.

The bundle includes an extremely useful remote that can allow playback, volume, or even DTS Virtual:X, as well as DTS TruVolume, which creates more powerful and encompassing sound. If you use the standard mode, it will provide your ears with crystal clear, crisp mid-frequency.

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Fans of bass may appreciate the over-emphasized bass that emanates from the subwoofer’s small size, but those who are discerning won’t because it’s not as precise and can cause the impression of a muddy sound on certain songs and soundtracks.

4. LG SK1 Soundbar

Another option that is suitable for TVs with smaller screen sizes can be an LG SK1. Its small design has two speakers. It boasts an average power output of 40W this is enough to beat the majority of TV audio systems.

The plug-and-play configuration, the simple interface, and the included remote simplify everyday use and could be ideal when you’re looking for an improved TV speaker that doesn’t require the burden of additional features. We’d suggest switching on the Bass Blast mode for some more low-end power and also connecting to a Bluetooth device in the event that you decide to make use of this SK1 to function as a musical device in the future.

5. Roku Streambar Pro

One of the first Roku audio devices and one of the first audio products from Roku, the Streambar Pro is an impressive device that packs a 4K Roku streaming player inside a small soundbar. Virtual surround audio is included from the beginning to enhance the sound of your living space.

The bass is good considering that there’s no subwoofer included in the bundle. It is also equipped with one of the most user-friendly remotes on the market with the option to search for voices and a headphone jack for private listening.

The absence of Dolby Atmos support could disappoint people who are looking for a deeper listening experience. The sluggish performance while browsing the menus or the app. However, the ability to enjoy high-quality audio and Roku capabilities with a speaker is an amazing bargain.

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