Nike smart shoe, the straps automatically tie, there is also bluetooth

You must have used smartphones, smartwatches, and smart gadgets a lot, but if you are asked about any smart shoes, then your answer will probably be no. Nike has launched its Smart Shoes for you. This Nike shoe is smart and fully automatic. This Nike shoe ties the lace itself like a robot. The most important thing is that Bluetooth connectivity has also been given in it.

The name of this Nike shoe is Adapt BB. In terms of looks, it is like a basketball shoe. The specialty of this shoe is that as soon as it is worn, it automatically ties the laces. If you are a basketball player then this is no less than a gift for you.

It can check blood pressure:

Nike Adapt BB is also able to tell blood pressure. Another feature of the Nike Adapt BB is that if you are walking while wearing it and your feet swell, this shoe will automatically adjust according to your blood pressure. This shoe becomes tight and loose automatically when needed.

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You can also control this shoe completely through an app. Earlier Nike has introduced smart shoes like Nike + iPod and Nike + Training which have also been liked by the people. The company has not said anything about the launch of Nike Adapt BB in India.

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