3d design house design
(3d modeling and visualization of the finished project)         15-20$ sq.m.

visualization of small public buildings                                      ~ 150$ (set of images)

visualization of buildings of medium complexity                    300 - 500$ (set of images) (private house, industrial trading building)

visualization of buildings of increased complexity                  800 - 1 000$ (set of images)

(elite private houses, high-rise buildings)

residential, commercial or industrial complexes                      ~ 1 000$ (set of images) with a complex environment

visualization of 3d objects for promotional products              30 - 50$


simulation for games, low-poly                                                       50-70$ (working day)

Hi-poly? the character on the given sketches with the setup,   1000-2000$

textures and rig.

for sketches only                                                                                   ~ 500