This app of YouTube is being shut down, millions of people with cheap phones will have problems

If you also have a smartphone that is working on the Android Go version and has a YouTube Go app as a YouTube app, then this news may disappoint you. YouTube Go was launched in 2016 for phones with the Android Go version. The size of YouTube Go is very less and for those phones which have less RAM and storage, this app is no less than a gift.

YouTube has said that YouTube Go will be shut down in August this year, although it will not be shut down suddenly. It will start closing in August. After that this app will not get any update. In such a situation, people who have this app already installed on their phones will be able to use it.

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Actually, YouTube wants to replace the Go app with YouTube’s main app. By the way, Google is also continuously optimizing its main YouTube app. YouTube says that even in the entry-level app, you can easily access the YouTube app on slow networks. So there is no need for a separate app.

Google released the last update of YouTube Go in October 2021. So far 500 million i.e. 50 crore people have downloaded this app. Apart from this, this app comes pre-installed in many entry-level phones. YouTube Go was designed for phones with slow networks and low RAM and storage.

Let us know that apart from YouTube Go, Google has also launched Google Go, Maps Go, Assistant Go, Navigation Go, Gmail Go, and Gallery Go apps, although there is no report about the closure of other apps at the moment. The most important thing about YouTube Go was that it provided the facility to download videos and share videos with the Go app like Shareit.

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